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Social media is awesome. Creating different versions of graphics for every social media channel? Not so much. It’s a time-eater and one of your most valuable resources is time.

Relay That Dashboard View

I was lucky enough to stumble Relay That, a tool that takes the pain out creating social graphics. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that you could create one graphic and then instantly resize it for any social media site without losing its’ visual appeal?

What the heck is Relay That?

Relay That is an awesome tool for creating graphics. It’s drag and drop, gives you lot’s of pre-built design options and also gives you access to a library of images and icons that you can use in your designs.

While this post is about using it specifically for creating social media graphics, it can also be used to create other types of banner images. The reason I am calling out its’ social media skills here is because they literally blow me away.

Maybe you’re not like me and don’t find yourself spending countless hours on tasks that don’t necessarily improve your ROI enough to make them worth the work. If you’re not, please teach me your magic ways. If you are, I’m sure one of those time wasters has been social media content creation.

How does Relay That help you create social media content fast?

Instead of telling you, I’m going to show you.

Here is a Pinterest graphic I created to promote my post on WordPress Hosting. I used one of Relay That’s templates and imported my brand colors and graphics with one click of a button.

Relay That Size Options In Dashboard
Relay That Size Options

Below the graphic, I am creating you can see a number of different versions of it in different sizes. I can use these to instantly create new sizes for my designs. If you are unsure of the social media sizes there is also a menu option that shows you which sizes work for which platforms.

Relay That Social Size Options

Here is what my graphic looks like for all the different social media platforms ????

Pinterest Graphic

Pinterest Graphic

Instagram Graphic

Instagram Graphic

Facebook and Twitter Graphic

Facebook and Twitter Graphic

On top of social media graphics you can also use Relay That to make social media headers just as easily.

Create New Branded Social Media Images Instantly

What happens if you don’t like a particular treatment? On top of being able to resize social images easily you can also redesign them easily.

Relay That works on a template system. You enter core colors, photographs, graphics and text and it uses that data to create images. If you don’t like a particular treatment of an image you can change the design in one click and it will keep your branding but change your design.

All the image designs below were created with a single click. I did edit out some items with a few clicks of some checkboxes but the actual design was literally one click.

So what is the catch?

Nothing is perfect. The trade-off here is that you don’t have as much control over what you are creating as you would if you were doing it from scratch. This is NOT the tool for type-As.

It is sometimes frustrating that you can’t move text or move an image around but the time savings make up for that 1000x over and the graphic quality is top-notch so to me it’s not a big trade-off.

Final Thoughts

Relay That is an awesome tool for businesses wanting a quick way to create professional quality social media images. If you are willing to trade control for speed (while maintaining quality) Relay That is probably a good fit for you.

I personally love it and am delving deeper into all the other graphical needs it might be able to meet.