When you start a new venture or business one of the things you have to combat is doubt. It doesn’t go away as you grow, but it does lessen. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a business or established but feeling stuck, setting super short-term goals can make all the difference.

What is a super short-term goal?

Setting a super short term goal means setting a goal with the minimum allowable time to accomplish it as the target. Ask yourself, does this timeline seem impossible (but maybe doable)? Good, then you are on the right track.

Let’s take a recent goal I set for myself regarding my newest site https://www.100walks.com. I had done all the branding, content creation, email funnel set up – everything you can think of. I couldn’t come up with anything else to keep me from the inevitable and very intimidating next step: finding an audience.

I knew that if I allowed my thoughts too much free-reign I might talk myself out of taking action. Who would sign up for this? Maybe no one cares? Oh the lovely thoughts that run through your head when trying to create value in the world. 🙂

So I set a super short-term goal for myself. Get 1 email subscriber that day. Mind you, the day was already half over and I didn’t actually think I could do it. But the goal gave me the kind of desperation you sometimes need to put yourself out there.

I then went into one of my favorite blogger support groups and posted my intention (you need accountability right?). And then I went to work. By the end of the day, I had 11 subscribers to my list. And today I feel better knowing that there is interest in what I am creating and that I can take action even when scared.

Why are super short-term goals so effective?

These type of goals are effective because they motivate you to take action quickly. They give you a quick win when you succeed and keep you from going too deep in the negative thought tunnel. They help you get unstuck by forcing you to be creative about how to achieve your goal on a short schedule. And most importantly, they make you accountable for the success of your goal. Somewhere deep inside you know you can do it. Setting a super short-term goal makes you acknowledge that.

Your Homework

Answer the question what task are you avoiding right now or what would move you forward in your goals if you accomplished it? Now take that answer and create a goal out of it (keep the goal relatively small – in my example, I really want a large number of subscribers but that is not achievable in a short amount of time. I knew 1 subscriber alone would make a difference for my momentum so that is what I chose.

Once you have the goal put a timeline to it. Be truthful – if there is a possibility you could make it happen today, make the deadline today. If a week would be insanely good, make it a week. Don’t give yourself too much time.

Report back in the comments below and let us know what goal you set and what you achieved!