Have you ever felt bad about adding an affiliate link to your blog or doing a product review for $$? I call this “Blogger’s Guilt” and it’s a silent-killer for hundred’s of blog-based businesses out there.  If you happen to be stricken with this more often then you would like, don’t you worry, I’m here to explain exactly why it’s okay for you to focus on making money (it’s a good thing, trust me!)

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay For You To Focus On Making Money With Your Blog

1. You Put A Lot Of Work Into Your Blog

The first thing you need to think about is that IF you are making money on your site, it’s not because a magical being came down and dusted your blog with fairy dust.  No way! It’s because you put the time and effort into building something that people wanted to read.  Your work deserves recognition and while community love is great for the ego, you also need some monetary love if your ever going to leave your day job and blog full time.

2. Money Will Help You Create Even Better Content

One thing I learned quickly about building a business is that you need money to grow it.  Yeah, there are a lot of free resources out there, but if you have money, you can invest it in your blog and create even better content for your readers.  If you think of it this way, monetizing your blog is actually a benefit to your community.

3. People Are Willing To Pay For Quality Content And Advice

People who click on your links or buy your products are making a decision.  Your not deceiving them in any way by monetizing.  There is absolutely no need to feel bad when you aren’t forcing any choices upon your readers.

4. Monetizing Your Blog Will Help Ensure You Don’t Give Up On It

Blogging is hard work and building a blog-based business is even harder.  I absolutely hate it when a blogger I have followed for years gives up on their blog.  Usually it is because they just don’t have the time or passion for it anymore.  Monetization is one of the best rewards of blogging and if you are successful with it you will be much more likely to keep your blog alive and your readers happy.

5. It’s Okay To Be Rich

Okay Okay, I know this is a little bit of an excessive statement, but I actually had a lot of guilt about making money from my business in the beginning.  It’s like some little troll inside of me was saying it’s not okay to be successful.  It’s not okay to have the things you want.  It’s not okay to make money.  On and on.  So I just want to say it.  It’s okay to be rich.  It’s okay to make money.  It’s okay for you to have the life that you want.

Warning Signs Your A Little TOO Into Making Money

Now that you’ve come to a better relationship with money & blogging, here are a few things to watch out for when you are monetizing your blog.  Think of these as warnings that you might be going down the wrong track and may need to

1. Your writing content solely for the purpose of making money (and you aren’t enjoying it).

If you find yourself only writing blog posts and creating content that is designed to make you money, you might have gone to far on the $$ making spectrum.  Then again you might not of.  If you feel your content is still serving your audience and you are happy creating it.  The warning bells should only dig when it starts to feel like all you see are dollar signs and you have absolutely no fun creating the content you are creating.

2. You are writing positive reviews of products you don’t like.

Big red flag here.  As a blog-based business owner, it’s absolutely essential for you to have integrity.  The internet is filled up with enough fake reviews to last a lifetime.  Bloggers can and should be a voice of truth in this space.  If you do not like a product, either do not review it or tell the truth.  I prefer the truth route because it shows your readers that you are going to be giving them real information and that they can trust you, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that it’s okay to just pass on a product review.

3. You are NOT writing content you care about because it doesn’t have any monetary goal.

You know something has gone wrong when you have a backlog of passions posts (posts that you would love to create or that you feel would be ultra-useful for your audience) and never get to them.  Your time is spent writing content that you know will help you reach your monetary goals and that’s it.  If this happens, carve a little time to add in those passion posts.  Those just might be the thing that keeps your audience coming back and you’ll be a lot happier if you can express ideas and opinions that you have been wanting to express for a long time.

How do you feel about monetizing your blog?  Do you have blogger’s guilt or do you happily monetize?

Your Biz Growth Homework

Do some thinking about how you feel when you try to monetize your blog.  If you find it is easy for you that’s great.  If not, make a list of your negative feelings around it and question them.  For example, if your feeling is that your readers wouldn’t like it if you monetized, ask yourself if that is really true.

Extra Credit

Do a 10 minute brainstorm on how you can create more opportunities for monetizing your blog.  Anytime you start to feel guilt feelings, stop and question them.  Implement at least one of your new ideas when done.