Having a core set of products to sell can help cement you as an expert in your field, but what do you do if you are just starting out or haven’t had the time to create products to sell yet?  One of the simplest ways to begin making money online is to advertise other people’s products.

The affiliate programs you sign up for don’t always have to be with major companies.  Many blogger’s offer their own affiliate programs and often have higher payout then traditional affiliate programs.

Why you should advertise other blogger’s products

Why use your web traffic to advertise other people’s products?  One of the core advantages to doing this is that you can hand pick high quality products to advertise on your site and make money off of them every time someone buys one without having to do the hard work of creating a product.

Another advantage of offering other’s products on your site is that you can increase your usefulness to your reader.  We all know how long it takes to create a good product.  When you choose products that complement your blog rather then compete with it you are giving your readers more resources to help them reach their goals.  The goal is not to overwhelm your reader with offerings but to choose truly useful products that will enrich their lives (and make you money while doing it).

Why become an affiliate of a blogger’s program versus a large companies program?

Being an affiliate of a larger company is a great way to make money.  Definitely explore that option.  Offering other blogger’s products is a smart move when you want to offer unique items that don’t have a corporate feel.  Blogger’s also tend to create digital products giving them the ability to offer larger affiliate payouts then a company selling physical items due to the overhead involved.

5 Things to take into consideration when choosing product’s to become an affiliate of

1. Choose something you have used and like using

Don’t do your readers a disservice by selling things you haven’t tried or that you don’t really like.  Losing credibility with your readers will loose you far more money in the long run then you will make with a quick sale here and there. Plus it’s easy to find great products made by bloggers – you have no excuses!

2. Look for high payout items

I’ve seen payouts as larger as 50% on products.  Bloggers often offer high payouts to drive massive sales – take advantage of this be on the lookout for high paying affiliate offerings that complement your blog.

3. Let other’s products supplement your own, not overwhelm your offering

It’s important to limit the number of products you offer or integrate them into your site in different ways.  The goal is to maintain your brand integrity while showcasing other’s work.

4. Be creative when showcasing their product

If you did number one you probably have a lot to say about their product.  Banner ads aren’t the only way to get the word out about someone’s product, use blog posts, social media and even paid advertising to push sales.

5. Track and rework your offerings

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working with affiliate sales is to just put them on auto pilot.  Track how many sales you are getting and adjust your product offering accordingly.

Where to find blogger’s products to be an affiliate of

The best place to find products is to start looking on the blogs that you read.  Search their site for “affiliate” or send them a quick email to find out if they offer an affiliate program.

Examples of High Paying, Quality Affiliate Products Created By Bloggers

*as of this posting date

Your Biz Growth Homework

Goal: Advertise 1 blogger’s product on your site

Find 1 blogger affiliate program that you feel would be a good fit for your blog and sign up for it.  Implement a basic banner ad with tracking on it to get started.

Next Steps:

Brainstorm ways you can drive traffic to their link and create a schedule for implementing these.

Remember you don’t have to stick to banner ads, you could write a review of the product and include affiliate links in the post.  You could tweet about it on twitter or post about it on Facebook.  You could even put aside a small budget to start paid advertising.

Extra Credit:

Find a way to track your affiliate earnings easily.